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Spanish visa requirements: question?


Me and my husband is planning for a short break in Spain. I am a Filipina married to a British national, holding a residence permit, with limited leave to remain. I just wanted to know if I still need to apply for a visa. I read an info that Foreign spouses of EU/EEA nationals may enter Spain without visa if they are
• holding a valid passport
• holding a valid UK residence permit with the endorsement "family member of EEA national"
• meeting up or travelling with their EU spouse. ..

I meet all the requirements, but still confused as other infos I've gathered were telling me to get one.
Please help, need the details as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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    You need a valid passport: At least 6months past your last travel day left on your passport before expiration. You should contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to find out the new regulations. You can not depend on the internet....I have found. They have out-dated information. Visas are a particular thing. Get in writing any "promises" made to you and names of the officials.
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    I have got certificate of travel from home office and I would like to go to spain for holiday. I want to know can I go there with my document or not?
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    Hello everybody,

    I'm living in the UK with a valid PSW visa holding an indian passport. I'm planning to visit spain and I need some info about the entry requirements. Any help would me much appreciated?
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    I am a Zambian trying to get a 1 week tourist Visa but there is no Spanish embassy in Zambia. Please help
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    Good Morning
    I am an Indian having working visa for madrid.
    I want to bring my wife and child on dependent visa here.
    This is with regard to documentation for the visa.

    my query :

    Since local authority already issued me a marriage certificate in April 2010; they said, the same cannot be re-issued again.
    But I will get Marriage Certificate duly legalized in India (Haya Apostille) which will be having validity latest by 3 months by the time of visa application. Will it make me eligible to bring my family here?
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    I am a Zambian national; I have applied to for my Master's degree at URV. One of the three major procedures I have to undertake before sending my documents is to legalize them through the Spanish embassy. Isn't there any other way of doing it since there is no Spanish embassy in Zambia?
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