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Egypt experiences

My husband and I went to Cyprus two years ago .We decided to take a three day cruise from our hotel to Egypt which cost us around £250-00 each .Never again. Involved in the price was a visit to the museum ,which we both enjoyed but had a limited time ,a trip on the Nile with a meal and some dancing .Rushed again The boat was packed with people and we were only aloud half an hour to go half way up the Nile back eat the food have a dessert a drink then off the boat.We then travelled up to the Pyramids and and that was horrendous.The place was not how it is portrayed.and the kids who would not leave us alone was unbelievable.My husband and I never got near or even to touch the pyramids and we were only yards away The police who were riding around on camels were as bad as the children,wanting money from us all the time ,To me it was robbery.I hope who ever wants to visit the pyramids will take in what I have said and really think about it


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    Hi All
    I was in Egypt as tourist some months ago, now iam resident in Egypt for business
    Iam happy to be in Egypt again

    I already posted my experience here:

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