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innoculations needed to travel in South America

We are planning a cruise from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, followed by a week in Buenos Aires, a few days in Rio de Janeiro and a week in Sao Paulo.

What shots do we need to get?


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    Since the outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil and Paraguay in January/February 2008, it is recommended that all visitors to Argentina including regions bordering these countries, including Iguazu Falls, be inoculated against yellow fever.
    A hepatitis A vaccination is recommended before travel to Argentina as well as a typhoid vaccination for those who might eat or drink outside major restaurants and hotels.
    Outbreaks of dengue fever are on the increase, and visitors are advised to avoid getting mosquito bites as there is no effective treatment for it.
    In Brazil, mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria are prevalent. Insect repellent and protective clothing is essential.
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    I am going to Brazil shortly. I might add you may as well get Trimtrix A and B, they come in the same shot. As Claire said above 'Yellow Fever' is essential.
    I also received Tetanus, Polio and Typhoid vaccines. See a reputable travel medicine clinic and they will provide a lot of helpful advice. Remember you do not need every shot under the sun, just the ones that pertain to your travel itinerary.
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    dear friend,
    can you tell if i can visit Guatemala,argentina,venezula,uruguay,bolivia?Or can I get troulism visa at destination are port? My pass port is from China.
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    Does anyone know what vaccines are priority for travel to Chile for a one year old???
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    The CDC has the most current and correct information for travel vaccinations
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    we plan to travel in Chile is there any required vacccination & what are they? JR
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    do I need innoculations to visit mexico,guatemala,nicaragua,costa rica and panama?
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    I'm travelling to Santiago in April 2010 for Expomin as an Australian exhibitor.
    Do I require any innoculations of any type
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    Just thought your readers might like to know that when I applied for a yellow fever vaccination prior to a visit to Argentina including Iguazu Falls, my travel clinic warned me that because I am over 60, the chances of getting severe side effects were greater than for someone younger, or someone who was having the vaccination for a second time. These side effects could range from fever to swelling of the brain and shutdown of the body's organs (ie yellow fever itself) - so I decided against the vaccination. I will take my chance amongst the mosquitoes, armed with 100% DEET and a mosquito net! Also why should I pay £50 for the chance of becoming very ill, when a mosquito charges nothing!
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    If you are traveling to Brazil by airline tickets you should always make it a point to carry an insect repellent. Brazil is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but the only problem is mosquitoes. Same is the case with Argentina. They are everywhere and they spread a lot of diseases. I would advise him to take proper vaccinations to prevent dengue fever, yellow fever and hepatitis B infections. I hope that he will be sharing his adventures with us soon.
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    I just saw these comments and as a resident of Rio de Janeiro for the last 15 years, I wanted to mention that there is a very effective treatment for dengue. There is also a preventative treatment, it's not a vaccine, but it does seem to work. You can read about it here:

    On one of these pages you can actually get the formula and have it made at any homeopathic pharmacy. We have been using this formula and have never gotten dengue. It's not proof, but considering the very high number of dengue cases we have here in this area, it's a good indication. So this may just be worth a try.

    Hope this helps those traveling to these countries.
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    I just noticed that the link I posted above doesn't work as a link so I'll post it here again for anyone who is interested :
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    we are going on a Princess around South America next year, a few days in Rio, then going onto Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Falkland Is, Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego, Punta Arenas Chile, Valparaiso, La Serena Coquimbo, Lima Callao, Quito Manta Equador. As we only leave the ship for a maximum of 8 hrs for tours etc at each port, do we need Yellow Fever vaccinations etc? I have been given a lot of conflicting advice esp for Equador.
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    NaturalHealthEd, could you please let us know which formula from the link you gave us you've been using? There are so many listed.
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