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Moving to Dublin in March

Hiya ,

My name's Vanessa , I am 24 soon to be 25 years old and  live in France. I plan on moving to Dublin in March and living there for approximately 6 months, but for the moment looking for a job has been a nightmare !!!
I have been working as an eventplanner for almost 3 years within a restaurant here in France and would love to work in the same field in Dublin , preferably in a small , family-type structure. On the other hand, it wouldn't disturb me to work in tourism as I have a bachelor in international tourism.
I find it very hard to consider moving to Ireland without finding a real and serious job beforehand... So what are the different steps for me ? What about the opening of a bank account ? What should I start doing 4 months in advance ?
Could you please help me , I am kind of lost !!!!
Cheers xxx


  • Hi Vanessa,
    I absolutely love Dublin - you've chosen a fun and interesting city to move to! Having never worked there, I'm not sure how you should go about getting a job, but I can tell you that the tourism industry is big and healthy in the city. However, Ireland was hit pretty hard by the recession and I would advise you to try and get a job before moving - I have heard from friends that finding work in Ireland can be very difficult at the moment. This expat guide to Dublin may help you with some of the details. Good luck!
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