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Best currency to use in Turkey

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My husband and I are travelling to Turkey this summer and I am wondering whether we should take travellers cheques, change our pounds to Turkish Lira or just use our bank cards (Maestro)? I have heard that pounds are accepted in most places but I don't want to take a chance because the person who told me that only went to an all inclusive resort so that could have been a slightly different side of Turkey to what we're hoping to experience!



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    Pounds sterling is ok, you'll get a better exchange rate in Turkey when changing it to lira, they will also accept your pounds sterling but at present they prefer the euro due to the value of the pound. You will find most things are priced in euros so if you pay in pounds or lira they will round it up so you will be paying slightly more. Dont forget to haddle though thats the joy of the purchase only offer what you are willing to pay, they will always want more but if you turn and walk away they will come after you and accept your offer. Been to numerous places around Turkey twice a year for the past 7 years its awsome .
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    Thanks very much for the advice. Sounds like euros might be the best way to go then...

    Also, we're thinking of doing one of the gullet / boat cruises from Olympos to Fethiye - do you have any recommendations?

    We're so excited, can not wait! :)
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    has anybody stayed at the omer holiday village in kusadasi in turkey was wondering what food and rooms r like
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    we are travelling to bodrum last week in august, we have two young children, 1yr 6mths and 3yrs. is it a suitable place for such young children? booking on line doesnt seem to give any details of kids clubs. has anyone stayed in the bitex antik hotel/apartments?
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    We are due to go to Greece in a couple of weeks, what is the best currency at the moment, with this econamic crisis looming?
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    Pat: Greece is still currently part of the Eurozone, thus euros are still the accepted currency. If Greece does leave the Eurozone, any changeover in currency would likely take a while to happen fully.
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    I will be travelling to turkey in the first two weeks of July (10 days). Currently my itinerary includes Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus. We aren't that gung-ho about shopping, but we love adventure sports. I am a seasoned traveller. I had a few doubts and would be obliged if you would answer them.
    1) Is the Ephesus one day tour from Istanbul worth it? I went on trip advisor but couldn't find much. If you have had the experience, which one should I take?
    2) Vegetarian food. We are strict vegetarians (no meat, no fish) but not vegans (i.e we have milk and eggs). So will I be facing any problems related to food in any of the above places? If so do you have any suggestions?
    3) In Cappadocia which is the better place to stay - Urgup, Uchisar, Gerome or Cappadocia?
    4) Currency : We have a USD forex card (prepaid currency card). Will that work? Should we carry Euros too?
    5) How much cash should ideally one carry to Turkey?

    Any help will be truly appreciated.
    Thank you.
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