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How can we stay in France?

edited October 2013 in - Tunisia
Just wondering if anyone can help my partner and I? we live in France now, I am Australian, so can only be in the Country for 90 days as don't have a Europe Passport, he came here to France ilegally, so does not have the paper work to fly. If he gets caught he will have to go back to Tunisia. We have been togther for 2 years, how can we continue to be together, as I keep on having to fly out of France.?

If we have a baby, can we be togther in France as the baby is from here? Then could we all fly to Australia?

Thank-you in advance for your time, 


  • So what you're saying is that you two are essentially living in France illegally. Having a child in France does not entitle you to citizenship, although the child might be eligible. That said, a visa is a pretty lousy reason to have a baby.

    There's basically no way for you to be together in France. Does he not have a passport? I'd suggest returning to Australia. If your partner stays in France he will be caught eventually, and if he is deported you can explore options for him to join you in Australia then.
  • Thank-you so much Anya for responding to my email, most appreciated. Yes, he came here illegally, only has a TUNISIA Passport, as came here by boat and truck illegally. I am here for only 90 days at a time. I go and come back since I am an Australian passport holder and I can only be in France for 90 days at one time. 

    We have looked into Prospective Marriage Visa, Subclass 300 for my partner to come to Australia. Do you think this will work, or he has to go back to Tunisia first, then apply?

    I totally agree with you, having a visa is a very lousy reason to have a baby, but I do want a baby with him and for us just to be together forever. Everyday and every night. Promise he wants this too and we look after each other so well. He completes me.

    Thank-you in advance for your time Anya and I hope to hear from you soon! Thank-you again. 
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