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Which European Country is easiest to get citizenship from US?

edited October 2013 in Europe
Good Day! I'm American born citizen who is trying to find a way to relocate to a country in Europe.  Does anyone have any information on which country is the easiest to obtain dual citizenship?  Thank you very much for any assistance!


  • There at present 28 countries in the European Union
    every one has its own rules for residence and citizenship. 

    It takes years to become a citizen of any country and you would be required to speak the language of the country you choose. There is no short cut for Americans.

    Several EU countries  such as Spain , Portugal, Italy, Greece , Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania  are struggling economically and it is difficult for their own citizens to find employment so they don't hand out work permits to non EU citizens.

    You could marry an EU citizen but that is a minefield.

    Good luck you will need it.

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