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Visiting friends in Tunisia -

edited October 2013 in - Tunisia
Hi, my friend and I are planning a visit back to Tunisia (Hammamet) to meet our good friends who we met when we last visited. As they are living away from where we plan to stay would it be possible that 2 English females and our Tunisian friends (males) would be able to share an apartment? I have been looking at some other discussions and some of which have said its illegal but then others have said its okay. I have received some emails back from apartment rentals who say they have no policy with regards to non married couples and then others who would not be willing to rent to us as we are English and our friends are Tunisian. Is there anyone who can give us all advice/information that they have on this matter? We really want to be able to come back and visit our friends but without any issues/hassle


  • Hi there,
    As I understand it, although sharing a hotel room would be impossible, sharing an apartment should be okay. You're doing the right thing by asking beforehand if it is okay, as it will give you peace of mind, but if your Tunisian friends rent the apartment the owners are unlikely to want details on who will be visiting etc. 
  • Thank you for replying, it would be the other way round, myself and my friend would be renting the apartment. There was something on this site I read yesterday on another discussion and it said that if the apartment owner is European/Non Muslim then they usually don't have any policies on tunisian friends staying with you and that's the reply I have recieved from someone who would be willing to rent her apartment to us. Was just a little concerned as we do want to respect religion/culture but at same time want to visit our friends with no trouble
  • Sounds like you have it all sorted out! Renting from a foreigner is probably ideal. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
  • Hopefully we have it all sorted. Also received an email from a hotel which said we would need to book separate rooms but have basically stated that what we do after we've checked in doesn't bother them lol. Thank you for your help Ella
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