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Best time to visit Spain?

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Hi there,
I would appreciate some personal feedback about the best time to visit Spain? Bear in mind that I am planning a predominantly cultural holiday and that although I would love for it to be warm enough to swim in the sea, and to have pleasant, sunny weather, it won't be a beach resort holiday. Thanks!


  • Hi Kahlan,
    Have you decided where you are going yet? Generally speaking I would say avoid the June to August summer period, which is by far the most popular time to visit Spain, and the best for a beach break, but is also the most crowded and expensive time to visit. If you are going on a primarily cultural holiday there's no reason to endure long queues etc at museums, galleries and other attractions. Just outside of the peak months, in May or September, it should be much less crowded and you should still get lovely weather. The best time to visit may vary depending on region though...
  • April, May, June, September, and October are the best time to visit spain.
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    Hi Kahlan, It depends where you want to go and what you want to see. I always recommend spring and fall as the summers are warm. But up here in the northern part of spain (i live n Leon) the summers are nice.
    Please have a look at and let me know if I can be of any assistance.
    Best regards
    Spain is More
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    I definitely
    agree with the comments of Ella and Allen. If you are looking for a more
    cultural visit you probably would be looking at places such as Madrid,
    , amongst others, that are way too popular in the peak of summer and too hot as
    well. I hope you enjoy your time in Spain.

    Dani Muchosol

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    I can recommend Alicante! Telling the truth, there is everything you need to spend nice time. It is situated just on the coastline, there are nice people, perfect climate and delicious cuisine. You may search for example villas in Alicante and enjoy in every season of the year.
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    Visiting Spain in Summer:
    The weather is warm.

    Some tours only operate in the summer. 

    The weather is too hot in many places.

    Many cities are deserted in summer.

    There are tourists everywhere.

    July and August are the busiest periods for international travelers, so
    if you want to go somewhere where you won't hear too much English, the
    Costa Brava at this time of year is not the place to be. In many ways, this isn't the best time to come to Spain, especially to internal cities like Madrid and Seville, as the Spanish evacuate these cities in the unbearably hot months and escape to the cooler coast.

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    Yes, that is true that in Spain there is a hot climate. But on the other hand, this is a great place to spend winter holidays. For example in Murcia, in winter the temperatures are always mild that allows you enjoy time with your friends and family.
  • Depends what your looking for because some months it gets too hot. We like April/May time as its not too hot for when we like to cycle.
  • Yes! April /May time is not hot and also not cool, So, I recommended you to go in those months and i hope you must enjoy. 
  • So you want to visit Spain? But when is best? Though the majority of tourists visit Spain in the summer months.There are some obvious hotspots when it comes to visiting Spain - the summer and Easter are the biggest.
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    I would recommend you Barcelona, on the Costa Brava. There is everything you can expect during your holidays... nice weather, beach, good cuisine, great architecture and many monuments.
  • Well, I am interested in such a visit, too.
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    September month is the best time to visit Spain. When you visit Spain also visit Barcelona city, because the Festes de la Mercè swing into town.
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    Spain’s liking for loud flamenco music and pulse-pounding bullfights has made it a popular destination of Europe. It pristine beaches and raucous holidays draw great attention of tourist all over the globe. To be frank as such there is no best time to visit this place, it purely a matter of choice in which you are comfortable to go there. Travelers are flocked throughout the year to enjoy this beautiful place. However as I am big fond of enjoying the beaches view I have gone there by the help of in spring season. In this time frame the weather is perfect for exploring all its eye catching spots. 
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