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Don't Know Who To Trust Even If The Person Is A Love Interest

edited October 2013 in - West Africa
can be found all over the world however there are those whom will prey upon weakminded or naive individuals. Often people take advantage of your kindness and believe you are a weak link because you are kind.  
Lies and Deception
 People lie and deceive all the time. In knowing this I always ask important questions that are vital.  When being lied too you do not always detect  the person deceptive ways right away and this is another reason why people get scammed. I met a Nigerian man online for the firstime in 2010. Long story short I have sent him money. My intentions were good my motives were good - all religion based. When we first met a short time(6 mos.) after he told me his family were tight on cash. He'd recently lost his elder sister and father died earlier on, so my heart went out to him. I believed him! You lie about that and there is One who will reward you! They are very clean people but it appears they do not have much -just an average family living in an apartment striving to make ends meet.  Within the last year or so I have developed  feelings for this young man. He has asked me to marry him and I use to laugh at the idea. Now I am considering his offer. 
 I am a little concern that he is a scammer. I did some research on him back in 2011 and found that he has been looking for a wife since 2008. He would chat with local women and women from other countries including the U.S. So nothing too bad yet my intuition is warning me- something is not quite right about this individual. I tested him once on the subject of money and he failed but  he is a charmer and I am intrigued. There was a period in the beginning of 2012  where there was little communication but this was all my doing- I backed off because I was becoming to involved. One day in the latter part of Summer 2012 he called and I decided to talk with him and we have been talking and skyping ever since. There is still that concern lingering.
I was married to a Nigerian from Kaduna and he was a very good husband to me. He had some insecurity issues but he loved me very much. He already had his green card he was a student in a popular college.  Before marrying I dated an Ibo and he was a conartist and he was crafty and deceptive. I loved them both. One was good to me  and the other attempted to scam me. I met  them both right here in the U.S. 
Traveling Abroad
I would like to travel to Lagos for the experience. I would not mind paying for the ticket myself and if things do not work out then I would say it was a nice experience hopefully. I want to add, I have asked George to pay for the air flight there more than once. He has not said no but he says he is working to get the money for the fare. I would travel to find love no question about that idea. I do hold reserves about traveling to Nigeria for the first time so any insight is gladly accepted. I want to know about their hotels, purchases of  cell phonesand sim cards , lounges to stay in while at airport waiting to board and return home. 
Background Information   -- If you have any information on  George please email me at [email protected] or just comment here.

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