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visa n passports

edited November 2013 in Visa and Passport
hi there, just come across your site and i must say its very helpful:), congratulations to whoever thought of it.anyway its a bit long winded but am hoping somebody can help me.after being on online dating sites for a while with no joy,i have finally found my perfect partner:),however he has a son in his home town of malawi whom he is wanting to go back too, to do the decent thing of being a dad to him and also he has some other family issues to sort out, but also wants to come visit me in the uk also, he was in a relationship for 9 months and the woman was his sponsor,that all fell through,so he moved away to stay with his brother in the uk, he was in the uk anyway.he has been visiting the uk off and on for about 8 years but seems to think that this time he goes back home he wont be allowed back into this country. i have been trying to get information from the border agency website but its too complicated for me to understand:(.If he is in the commonwealth does that not give him a opportunity to apply for british citizenship?,If not is there anything that i could do to help him out? I hope somebody can explain it to me in my lingo:). Many thanks in advance


  • Chrissy have you actually met this man in the UK or just on line? You do not make it clear where this man is at the present time and if you have actually met him.

    For someone to be your sponsor in the UK you need to be either married or on a fiance visa. Visitors to the UK do not need sponsors and work permit holders are sponsored by companies.

    So if your friend is worried that if he leaves the UK he won't be allowed back in he is right. This is because he came to the UK for a specific reason but breached the visa conditions  when he left the other woman. She may have informed the UKBA that they are no longer together. If he stays in the UK after his visa expires he will be an illegal overstayer. He cannot work and any one who employs him will be fined £10,000 if they are caught.

    Being a commonwealth citizen gives your friend NO rights to live or work in the UK or to become a British citizen.

    Sounds to me as if your friend is a "visa geezer" that is someone who will do anything, marry anyone just to stay in the UK.  By the way is he married ? 

  • hi alethia thanks for your reply, yes i have met this man:), he visits me every 2 weeks, he is living with his brother in the uk since he split from his partner 6 months ago, we have been in contact with each other for about 2 months, he wasnt married to the previous woman, and we are taking it very slowly,he doesnt have a problem going home at all:),hope this helps, many thanks chrissy:)
  • p.s. he has no idea that i am asking for any information to be able to help him
  • Chrissy,  I need to know on what type of visa your friend entered the UK.. The maximum amount of time a visitor can stay is six months. You refer to to his ex partner as his sponsor the only way he could be sponsored was as a fiance or a spouse. Which ever way it seems your friend may be unlawfully in the UK.

    Try to find out more about him and his visa status and then I can advise you further.

    This is my company

  • thanks alethia will find out more and get back to you:) 
  • hi alethia, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, been working and we have recently just met up again, i wanted to ask him face to face and not by a message:),anyway, he was sponsored by his partner and they were together for 6 years, but 9 months ago they split but had a agreement that if he continued to support his step children she would keep quiet abot them breaking up!!!!!  hmm i hear you say haha, anyway the kids never contacted him at all and the only time he heard from his ex was when was the money going into the account????, (he has a allowance sent over to him from his fathers estate every month),he stopped paying the money to her kids 3 months ago so she reported their break up to the appropiate authorities, saying she was no longer his sponsor and gave them his phone number,he has had a meeting with a legal advisor but i am unsure of what was said, he hasnt got a problem with going home at all but wants to be able to come and visit me in the uk also, hope this helps and if i can be of any further assistance to you please let me know:)
    thank you for your time
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