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Has anyone dealt with Micheal Powell, Micheal Williams Powell, or Williams Meachal

edited November 2013 in Africa
I'm not sure if anyone else has dealt with Micheal Powell or not , but a few years ago he contacted me on my space and gave me the sob story of being a single dad with two kids who worked for Coca Cola and living in Lagos. We had an online relationship for several months and he gave me the same sob story that most scammers give including IM me on yahoo messenger and needing money . I felt sorry for him for awhile and gave him about $5,000 total which of course he wanted more. I thought after putting him off he would finally leave me alone, but flash forward to now ; I have gotten a request from him on Twitter and just today on Facebook I received an IM from someone named Williams Meachal who sounds very much like the same thing. The funny thing is that I had my married name on my profile and no picture.
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