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Visa to accompany my employer

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Hi I am a professional nanny from New Zealand currently employed by a Saudi Arabian family who are spending their summer in Spain/France.
They have told me that I do not need a special visa to accompany them to either country. I know I dont need a visa as a tourist - I can get one for 3 months at the border - but this time I will be working for the family while we are in Spain.
We will be arriving on a private plane.
To accompany them to the UK I need to have worked for them for a year and I am thinking that it may be a similar requirement for a Schengen visa country.
Any help would be much appreciated


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    What a neat opportunity and experience!!! This is a complicated issue. I would contact the Spanish Consulate or Embassy personally and get exact details IN WRITING. Spain has been having problems with too many illegal entries, and they may not be able to offer "favors" to you. "Entry requirements for New Zealanders: New Zealand nationals require a passport valid for the period of intended stay, but no visa is necessary for a stay of up to three months. Those travelling to Spain for touristic purposes need to apply for a 'Carta de Invitacion' through a police station." Here is the web site for New Zealand Embassy in Spain. Call them to discuss your circumstances. My personal opinion: Your SA family should pay for all costs!
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