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trv for my wife in phillipines

edited November 2013 in - Canada
do es she need show money in her account before we can submit application or as long as it is in her account when she talks to a representative at canadian airport


  • I really fought with myself before creating this post harleyfrog3 because I don't want to offend or hurt you.

    Is this really your wife? or is she someone you have been talking to from an online dating site and is planning a trip to meet you in person? If the answer is yes to the last question then I am sorry so is not your wife and you will probably never meet in person and this person (more than likely it is a group of men) is trying to scam you,

    I have never traveled but even I know once you buy your ticket to your destination and show passport and ID the airport does not need to see how much money you are bringing with you.  The scammers often refer to this as a BTA (basic travel allowance) or PTA (personal travel allowance) or something of this nature to convince you to send more money and once they receive that there will be countless other requests and emergencies that will require more money from you because you are the only person who can help "her".

    Bottom line...If this really is a person you have never met in person stop communication you are dealing with a scammer!

  • i have been there twice in last 2 years, we were legally married in her parents village in march 08 ,2013, i am travelling there again soon,,,thats why i asked this question.
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