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Driving Down from US to SA/CA

Hi Everyone,

I preface this posting by: I am new to the board.
I have been researching driving down for 6 months.
I have bought Drive Nacho Drive. I continue to research. I need help with 7things right now:

1. Feasibility in early 2014 of driving to Southern Columbia in my 1984 Mini Wini RV based upon your current/recent (6 months or less) drive to a similar area or further. (Safety if 100 % on toll roads almost nonstop- gas up in very small towns, no lolly gagging) please?

2. Total Cost you spent if you only bought gas and basics, and prepared your own meals, including permits and visas please?

3. If you have a USDA clearance for your animals, vet certificates, shots, etc what did you encounter going through checkpoints to your end destination?

4. Receiving countries reception with animals by land (travel takes longer by land) for relo?

5. Did you take anything extra that wasn't in menaje and how was that handled at final destination?

6. Did you have any unexpected expenses? If so, where, why and how much?

7. Anything unusual? Where and what?

Yes - I know I probably can't keep the RV, but I'm working on that.

:-) thanks in advance for your help.


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