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Vienna Holiday questions


I plan to travel to Vienna from Munich in July.

What is your recommended way to get to Vienna and which places should i visit?



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    Check out the Word Travels guide to Vienna: its got all the details you need to plan your trip.
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    I plan to travel to Vienna from Mumbai - India) in October.
    which places should i visit?
    what is the temperature during oct...
    which is the famous thing there.....any chocolate??????

  • Hi all.
    Was hoping for some advice please! I plan on a trip to Vienna in August, we're taking the family. I am curious about public transport... surely Vienna have some good affordable options for us. We are four people. We are hoping to do all the typical sightseeing... Is there some sort of system which can make for affordable and convenient sightseeing? While we're at it, any great must-see recommendations are welcome!
    Thanks a lot.
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    The Vienna Card offers 48 or 72 hours unlimited travel on public transport ,discounts at museums, restaurants and cafés, shops and other tourism related services
    Here is the official site of the Vienna Travelcard
    There are also discounted tickets on regular public transport .
    Have a lovely time.
  • If you scroll up to the above posts you will see a link to the Word Travels free travel guide, in which all the necessary details about travel to Vienna can be found. There is some very useful stuff in there, and will also highlight some of the very best sights to see. (Having been fortunate to have been there myself, some of my absolute favourites are the Imperial Palace - the Kaiserappartements in particular - and Belvedere).

    Alethia has given you a fantastic link regarding info about the Vienna travel card; it really is your best option for easy and convenient travel in the city. Vienna is, after all, known for its incredibly reliable and first class public transport system, so you should have no trouble at all organising and using it.

    Have a wonderful time, it truly is a magical city.
  • Thank you so much Alethia... I am so grateful. Website has lots good info. Public transport looks easy to use in Vienna. I am relieved. Word Travels guide is also very helpful, thank you Lucyh. I will make note of those places!
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