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Best time to visit Sri Lanka?

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I've been trying to find out when the best time to visit Sri Lanka is, and finding lots of conflicting reports and confusing info. I would really appreciate some advice!


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    Hi there,
    The conflicting info is probably due to the fact that Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons and the rainy season varies according to region (it is hot all year so it is really only the rainy season you have to worry about when planning a holiday in Sri Lanka). Where are you planning to go? It is a small country and many travellers choose to move around quite a lot which means you're likely to be covering a number of regions. Here is a general climate overview for Sri Lanka. You also need to bear in mind though, that the monsoon season in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly unpredictable and rain is possible at any time of year.
  • Best time to travel to Sri Lanka is between the main rainy seasons. The
    period from November to April is the driest season on the south west
    coast and up in the hills.
  • If you are looking to arrange tour in Sri Lanka. best time of year is , Dec. Jan. Feb. and march.

    Thats the time of the North east monsoon season and the best time
    for the south and west which includes the beaches.Usually , at that
    time of year the hill country is also right.
  • i've been there in July.. there was monsoon season.. but it really didn't affect our holiday. we were on tour, so not going to lye on a beach anyway.. The sun still popped out now and then, and regardless the weather was mild
  • To be honest, I like to go to Sri Lanka when it rains as it not too hot for me. but the problem is beaches are ruff :(
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    I assume your comment "the problems is beaches are ruff" means you find the beaches rough.
    If so then you and I have visited a completely different island. Sri Lanka is a nirvana for beach lovers, divers and surfers. Sri Lanka has about 1600 kilometres of coastline with tropical beaches that are often deserted.
    Sri Lanka is one of those islands that you can visit all year around as it is affected by two weather systems.
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