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Please, I want to warn any woman or man that began an online DATING or RELATIONSHIP with anyone OUTSIDE your Country.. Please do not do it, or contact someone that can help you investigate it. I a part time private investigator and have had much experience in the MARRIAGE SCAM as well as other scams. I investigate a lot of this.. 99% of the cases are scam and you are being played to the HILT... I just joined this forum and trying to join several forums, and if you need help, have questions, concerns, need to know where to get help.. email me as I don't blog usually. you can find my email on under pathall101 BEWARE, BE CAREFUL.. GO BY YOUR GUT INSTINCT not logic. These men and women have circles of people working with them...


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  • I have being scam big time .His name is Mike Reeves from Texas .His Facebook's account is [email protected] Picture of him on horses.Very smart and sweet not trust him. He needs to be stop and paid for this.
  • Anna this mans name is not Mike Reeve nothing he told you is true except he lives in Nigeria I gave you a connection in an earlier post I suggest you contact them
  • Okay thanks.
  • He text me and said he is detain in dublios. He needs 400.00 for bta. Saturday it was 150.00 or he will be jailed. Don't believe him.anymore .
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    Jail is the best place for him. There is no such thing as BTA  (basic travel allowance) or PTA ( Personal Travel Allowance) these are made up by the scammers from Nigeria.
    Where the hell is Dublios?
    You need to change your contact details as he may become unpleasant when you stop sending money and also you stop ALL contact with this thief. 
  • Thanks I will. I appreciated your help. His story changes so often now . Never caught on before . First said he couldn't board plane without luggage fees being paid then they him.board and detain in Dublios. I did send 50.00 Saturday and he said he spent it on food .I said I would send 100.00 he was short but he know said it is 400.00 or he goes to jail. Left Nigeria by plane Saturday
  • Didn't contact me till this afternoon.Didn't know he board the plane since Saturday. I did wonder if he was in Nigeria . Said Texas is fifteen hours away. Thought the trip was fifteen hours in total. Said he is at a stop over. Said it takes two days to fly from Nigeria to Texas
  • Said I am love of his life and special in his heart always. Believe that before but now don't know .Yu have open my eyes . I feel stupid as I have being sending him money for months . The total is huge at least 50,00. Feel ashamed and used. He took my heart and stomped on it. I love him still but don't trust or believe him.
  • Mean fifty thousands .
  • How can I get him charge ,on scammers site ,off Facebook's and to leave me alone. I need to forget him and moved o
    n with my life. Yes it will be hard as he made many promises and I fell for it.
  • It is Dubai. If he left Nigeria Saturday why is he in Dubai as a stop over? If he didn't pay luggage fee why did leave Nigeria ? Now he said if yu won't help me anymore no problem .Yu want me in jail .
  • He shows different. I said I no more money . No sweet talk . Is it because his money is stopped. When I did send it he was nicer.
  • Is I'm in for danger I'm worry .
  • Like Alethia said, it's a good idea to change your contact details at this point. Other than that, they should ultimately leave you alone to move on to the next mark.
  • Okay . Thanks . I hope so. He is still textibg me with sweet words and I'm not answering back
  • I try by not answering his texts or email or Facebook's or calls. Sends sweet messages and sounds worry .
  • You have been advised repeatedly to stop communicating with this man and change your contact details. Yet here you are hanging on to a sad dream because a scammer tells you he is worried and writes a few sweet nothings. Very sad.
  • I don't talk to him I ingnore his calls ,texts , Facebook messages. I'm listening to what yu are saying and check the models website and was in shock. How could I be so stupid , trusting. How do I go on especially now as I feel so dumb ? I trusted him , love him and still do also hate him want him to pay and stop him please .
  • Please help me . I'm listening but don't know how to get my life back. He has destroy me so much I cry all the time and want to end my life. I'm so ashamed I fell for this.
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    Anna 45, if you really have so much money to blow, I recommend that you book a nice tour around the world. Perhaps you will meet someone for real.
  • Yes yu are right I'm being scam.I have read othets story on here. As of today I'm removing all contact from him.?.Im trying to move on. Thanks for your help .I know it will take time as it hurt so bad. I am a strong person
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