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Nigeria scammers...

edited November 2013 in - West Africa
Hi...I read a lot of post on Nigeria scam.
there's still many actually. It could be few working together to do so. They take all your info. And pictures and used them after while.
I almost got cut by one. I'm still talking to him right now...for how long...I truly truly don't know. But, he won't get any money out of me.
All of you men and women be careful. They internet scammers are getting more and more smarter. They even send you now a fake proof of flight confirmation. Be aware of this!

KaylaMay.... ;)


  • KaylaMay.
    I'm talking with a man who states he is native from Norway, but his mom and daughter live in NY
    He states he is working a contract out that is complete in Feb. How can I find out if he is trying to scam me.?
  • Norwegians are members of the European Union and cannot just go and live in the USA without a Green Card. Norwegians have a very high standard of living why would they relocate to New York? 

    Where is he supposed to be working on his contract? I am sure this man's wife died and now he is looking for love. and thinks you are the special woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

    This story has all the hallmarks of a scammer, I would not hang around, stop communicating with this man. 
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