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traveling via tijuana

edited November 2013 in - Mexico
hi guys i'm green card holder with passport from home country, i want travel from san diego to Tijuana by border and stay for a week, and then i need to fly from tijuana to dubai. so what do i need from mexico government side. please any one help me thank you


  • It's impossible to say without knowing what your home country is.
  • I have been going regularly to Tijuana via San Isidro and I feel that those places are very good for the tourist point of view and I suggest to all the visitors go there and enjoy the life..
  • There is nothing good about San Yisdro its the largest land crossing from San Diego in the USA to Mexico which handles over 300000 commuters a day, there are often delays whether on foot or in a car. You then need a taxi or Mexicoach to get to down town Tijuana.
    Tijuana is a bit of one horse town which is good for shopping, restaurants and bars.
    Once again Jerry your post is brief and misleading
  • Alethia is right... when I lived in Los Angeles I would often go down to Tijuana for the weekend, but there isn't much to do for longer than that... the surrounding area is mostly desert and scrub with very little to see. The border crossing is a bit of a mission, whether you drive through or walk through the queues can take several hours for non-US citizens.
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