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Greece - Kerkyra or Corfu island

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My very first post I think should be from my country, Greece and especially from my island, Kerkyra or Corfu as it is known.
There is an old Greek song saying "Kerkyra and Kefalonia , Zakinthos and
Lefkada – these four islands are the jewels of Greece".

These lines are not very far from the truth, as the Greek Ionian islands are truly jewels.

I was born and raised in Corfu the most northernmost of the Ionian
islands and I'm so lucky to have a beach house on the island to visit
every summer.

We (the Greeks) call the island Kerkyra , from the nymph Corkira,
daughter of the river Assopos with whom Poseidon fell in love and
kidnapped, taking her to the island. The foreign name Corfu came from
the new town that was created in the old fortress on the twin peaks,
meaning the town on the peaks. In another famous sea adventure Homer's
Odyssey, Kerkyra is the island of the Phaeacians (Phaiakes) where
Odysseus (Ulysses) meets Nausica the daughter of King Alkinoos. The bay
of Palaiokastritsa is considered to be the place where Odysseus
disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time.

It is the island of songs as the Corfiots are great lovers of music. In
the past, people used to join in the singing of the cantades, impromptu
choral songs in two, three or four voices, usually accompanied by a
guitar and an accordion. Like marriachis in Mexico they used to stroll
the narrow streets in the moonlight, singing serenades to the girls.


  • Hey there,
    What would you recommend as the top tourist attractions on Corfu? For those wanting a break from the stunning beaches that is. And can you advise on when is the best time to visit Corfu? It's always great to hear from a local!
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