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Dengue fever in Singapore

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Iam stopping over in Singapore on route to Australia this July for 4 days with my two kids whom are age 8 and 4, what are the chances of them contracting Dengue Fever? Will a trip to the Zoo and Safari heighten our risk? We are staying in a 4* hotel by the Quey.


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    Your chances of getting Dengue fever in Singapore are incredibly remote. The Zoo and Safari are clean by even fastidious Swiss standards. Go and have a great time. Just drink bottled water, keep clean hands, and you'll be totally fine. Singapore is a very modern place with high standards of hygiene - dengue is very rare.
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    Don't bother with the bottled water - Singapore tap water is fine to drink.
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    Singapore is very clean already compared to most of the other global countries. Its tap water can be drank, you do not even need to boil them. Its food standard is very high. There are really no worries. Rest assured.
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    Is there possibilities of swine flew or are peope suffering from swine flew.
    Is there powerfull medicines available in all hospitals.
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    Singapore does not have a swine flu problem, and yes, there are top class hospitals and drugstores all over the island.
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    Dengue Fever is transmitted via insects NOT water. In Singapore they keep the insects under control, dengue fever is relatively rare.You can drink any type of water.
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    Hi, I'm a Singaporean and I agree with DavidF that the chances of getting dengue here are low. Singapore tap water is safe to drink but bottled mineral water is available easily everywhere. There is no swine flu issue here though sometimes neighbouring Malaysia may have.
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