Inviting someone as a non mexican citizen

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I've a question concerning the visa progress for Mexico. I won a journey from Germany (I'm German) to Mexico and would love to take my boyfriend as a second person with me. Problem is: My boyfriend comes from and lives in South Africa. Therefore he needs to apply for a Schengen visa for Germany (which he got three times before..just that he has to mark multiple entry now) and a visa for Mexico.

As my boyfriend does not have enough financial credit, an invitation is needed for both countries (for Germany, my father always signed a declaration, which was never a problem for us). Problem is the visa for Mexico. On the website of the embassy of Mexico it is only mentioned that mexican organisations/companies can invite someone. As a german citizen, i'm not sure if i can invite him. I wanted to write that i won a journey for two people and that everything (flight, hotel) is paid by a well known german travel agency (name will be mentioned of course). Can anyone tell me if it's possible this way and if we have a chance? (I know you can't tell me IF he gets the visa or not, but maybe someone can tell me if it's easy or hard to get a mexican visa) Unfortunately the mexican embassy is not answering my questions... I would love to go there with my boyfriend :-(


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