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Inviting someone as a non mexican citizen

edited December 2013 in - Mexico

I've a question concerning the visa progress for Mexico. I won a journey from Germany (I'm German) to Mexico and would love to take my boyfriend as a second person with me. Problem is: My boyfriend comes from and lives in South Africa. Therefore he needs to apply for a Schengen visa for Germany (which he got three times before..just that he has to mark multiple entry now) and a visa for Mexico.

As my boyfriend does not have enough financial credit, an invitation is needed for both countries (for Germany, my father always signed a declaration, which was never a problem for us). Problem is the visa for Mexico. On the website of the embassy of Mexico it is only mentioned that mexican organisations/companies can invite someone. As a german citizen, i'm not sure if i can invite him. I wanted to write that i won a journey for two people and that everything (flight, hotel) is paid by a well known german travel agency (name will be mentioned of course). Can anyone tell me if it's possible this way and if we have a chance? (I know you can't tell me IF he gets the visa or not, but maybe someone can tell me if it's easy or hard to get a mexican visa) Unfortunately the mexican embassy is not answering my questions... I would love to go there with my boyfriend :-(


  • If you have the paperwork to prove that your trip is paid for, and that you have sufficient funds for the two of you in case of an emergency (a credit card should be sufficient) I'm sure you won't have any trouble.
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