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Cities in Scotland

Hi all,
I have explored some of Scotland's glorious countryside, but have hardly any experience of the cities. I am hoping to spend a few days in one of them - Edinburgh is the most popular choice I know, but what other Scottish cities are worth visiting? And why? Thanks! 


  • Inverness is grand and is the capital of the Scottish Highlands built by the river Ness just a short journey away is Loch Ness and its famous mythical monster. From Inverness you can travel the Great Glen Way where you can walk or cycle along the Caledonian Canal through the Great Glen.

    Sterling is another fine city. Once the capital of Scotland,Stirling is settled by the river Forth and is the Gateway to the Highlands. from the old town to Sterling castle, Sterling is steeped in history the home of Braveheart where you can see the Wallace monument.

    Hope thats given you a couple of ideas, Laurencej
  • Hi LaurenceJ,

    I agree with Alethia that Inverness is a great option (particularly if you're interested in military history because there are some interesting battlefields nearby). Edinburgh is wonderful though! If you haven't spent any time there it would definitely top my list of Scottish cities. Particularly as other great destinations like St Andrews and Stirling Castle are fairly close by and make good excursions out of Edinburgh. I am told that Glasgow is rapidly becoming a favourite with tourists, but I haven't been there myself.

    Enjoy Scotland!
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