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Austin Smith

edited December 2013 in - Britain and Ireland
my fellow name is Austin Smith  has a cell phone # 615-988-0109 that when I did a check is a home in Nashville Tn ,he has a E mail for facebook that he delete today,he said he was from Nashville and would you believe he is a Eng on a oil rig in the north sea , I have been talking to him for about 8 months.He said he has a little girl name Laura who was 4 years old ,he even had her call me crying the first time I told him to get lost, I felt so sorry for her ,I told her I would talk to him and i liked her and him and not to cry !  can you believe that , he used a small Child like that , the nanny is the one that called and put her on the phone ! I told him that I thought that the Nanny was his wife ,because she was so rude to me . He ever so often would  ask me for money and was really nice when I turn him down . I told him I thought he was up to no good and it was a scam !I said besides I am old enough to be your mother ! Oh ,but that doesn't matter Its what is inside that matters , he said his wife died in child birth along with his baby son ! and his mother was 84 years old and was ill .
so I kept talking to him and the next thing I know he has a link going to my checking account with a Wells Fargo account and had open 2 more accounts in my name and was stealing credit cards and depositing money from them ! he claim ed he knew nothing about ! well I called the FBI and police , because someone send me emails saying  the were the FBI and UN and a big bank in Nigeria I printed all the inf out and tried give it to FBI and police ,but you know I was upset because they did not want to do any thing about it ! thank God ,my bank was looking out for me and the got no money from the accounts ! of course ,he said he had nothing to do with it ! so last week he suppose to have gotten sick and got sent to the UK from the oil rig  and was  coming home he was going to go to Tn ,pick up his little girl and coming here for Christmas and we were going to take my son Josh ,who is 22 to  DW and and his little girl then he emails me and sends a copy of his check to my email for me to see I said are you sure that is real and he sounded a little miff !so i said that's  nice ,the next day ,he text and said he had a bad day , spent it at immigration's and for some reason they wanted 300$ before he could come home ! I said I don't have it ,I already paid my bills ! He then said that's ok ,I will get from somewhere here ! he was a really nice guy ,I told him I knew it was him because when all that was going on line, the FBI guy said If something seems too good to be true , it usually is ! so I just new that was him and I felt he was trying to warm me ! I took him I knew his heart was not as black as the rest of the group ! and he was to smart to be doing what he was by stealing little old ladies money ! he one that calls me was one who had accent ! I know their were a bunch of them  there is a lot more to my stories, but he are surely tired of it by now ! it was kind of fun at times and I did like him , but knew it was not real ! so be ware or Austin Smith and he is on yahoo as [email protected] and [email protected] ! also be ware of the # 8022341275 this is suppose to be his banker never got to talk to  him but said his name was Philip that's in Vermont ! sure  made this old lady life a little exciting at times  ! of course I gave the bull as well as I got !


  • No yvonne43 you did not give as good as you got and if you think this kind of scamming is exciting then you have a screw loose!!

    You must have provided the scammer with an awful lot of information about yourself for someone to open bank accounts in your name. I don't understand how someone can link their bank account with yours , that is not feasible.

    You really seemed get a kick out of this story and that is probably the reason why you kept in touch with the scammer because you liked the attention even though he was up to know good .

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