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Egypt Visa Requirements Outside of Red Sea Resorts

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I'm off to Sharm El Sheikh in a couple of weeks and know that I don't need a visa as I am going for less than 14 days and to Sharm. I don't think we'll be going on any trips to places like Cairo but we will want to go out to St Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai....
Does anyone know if we would know a visa for trips out of Sharm but not too far afield.


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    You don't need a visa for Sharm or St Catherine's. Just write "Sinai Only" on the reverse of your landing card which is available at the airport and take it straight to Immigration, avoiding the long queues :)
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    Thanks Druid,
    That's really helpful.
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    I am also off to egypt this december, and I am staying an the tulip resort in marsa alam
    please could you let me know the same question asked above about the visa and payment, will I need to pay?


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    I'm a little late to the party, but did you need a visa in the end? I have friends visitng and am told that EU residents arriving in the red sea / sinai area are not allowed to leave as their visas are specifically for the resort town they are staying in and not for all of Egypt.

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