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What are the requirements for Egyptian's to fly out of Egypt?

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I have a friend who wants to fly out of Egypt, and he said that you must have 24,000$ (USD) in the bank account in order to fly to American (USA.) He has asked many people, and gets the same answer from everyone. I personally cannot believe this, and wondered if this is really true. Would a travel agency be able to give me the OFFICIAL requirements for people flying out of Egypt?


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    Cat, I am not a travel agent, but I will tell you what is required.

    the US embassy in Cairo requires the following papers to be available with you, they might not ask to see them, but you should have them.

    in case of being employed, HR Letter from your company.
    invitation from your US Host.
    a couple of applications that are found online.
    a receipt of a payment of about 100$ paid in the CIB
    if he owns a car or property, proof of ownership.

    now, the part of MUST having 24,000USD in his bank account is not even half true.

    however, if he can not prove that he has things holding him to come back and live in Egypt, he will not be granted a Visa,
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    Thank you soooo very much shady!! Yes-I will deffinately tell my friend this. And I will check out the link and send to him. My friend is going to be 22 years old in July, he is in his 2nd year of engineering school for natural gas, and he rents an appartment with his cousin in Egypt. And his parents live in Qatar- so would this be enough of a reason? I will deffinately forward this information to him. You have been much help, God bless you, and Jesus loves you ;) Good day
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    Glad to help cat..

    If he is Egyptian, then u know what he needs, he just has to convince the visa officer that he is not going to go to the US and stay there.

    Bless you 2 and I know :)
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    Yes, he is Egyptian, he lived in Qatar for first 18 years of his life, then went to Egypt for college- so would this change anything?

    And sure- I will be sure to tell him.

    Thanks ;)

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