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information needed on marriage in Tunisia

edited December 2013 in - Tunisia
hi, I'm mexican and next year I'll get married with my tunisian girlfriend. my question is that what kind or papers  should a bring with me? would you help me plz really i need your advice cause mexico is so far from tunisia and i don't want to do any mistake plz help me thanks a lot 


  • Foreign non muslim men who want to marry Muslim Tunisian women in Tunisia must obtain a Certificate of Conversion before they can marry. The conversion can take about three months. You really need to discuss this with your girlfriend. I suggest you also contact the Tunisian embassy for advice on this.

    Have you ever met your Tunisian girlfriend? Is this an internet romance? I ask as converting may be something you have not thought about or discussed.

    Other documents you require are:

    1 An Affidavit of Eligibility to marry from the Mexican authorities. This documents confirms you are free to marry.
    2 Your birth certificate
    3 Your passport
    4 If you have been married before you will need your divorce certificate or death certificate if you previous spouse died.
    5 Certificate of Conversion.

    I hope this helps you.

  • thank you very much Alethia! hey would you send me an email cause I want to ask you another personal questions. cause some people it say that also i need visa to go to tunisia. here's my email 
    also here's my skype chuyduarte1 
    please as soon you can 
    thanks again hope to hear from you 
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