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Help! Overstaying Visit Visa in Qatar

edited December 2013 in Visa and Passport
My friend came here in Qatar under visit visa sponsored by her husband last Nov. 2012 and after a month of stay decided to look for a job and work in Qatar, the saddest thing happened when this company she had worked with for almost 3 months promised to transfer her visa and keeps on saying that everything about her visa will be fine.Only to find out that the Company wasn't able to sponsor her & transfer her visa into working visa until it gets expired.After so many discussions & arguments,she & her husband reported the company to Ministry of Labor & found out that this Company was illegal & not registered in the Labor,problem now is that they can't afford to pay the penalty which arises to 20000 Qatar Riyals now.the company promised to pay the penalty but until now nothing happens,the employer lost contact w/ them also.She wants to stay in Qatar & work for another company if this problem w/ visa penalty will be settled. Please advice what is the best way they have to do in order to solve and get out of this problem they are experiencing right now. The necessary step to do and who are the legal authorities to run with regarding this matter.Your advice is truly appreciated.


  • When the company in Qatar hired your husband did he not ask if his spouse could join him? When his wife came on holiday your friends husband could have sponsored her and she then could have worked legally.
    I dont understand why your friends wife is liable for the 20000 riyal fine when the company she worked for was unlawful
    If your friends husband works for a large company why does he not ask advice from the human resources at his workplace about this problem.  He should look into sponsoring his wife. They may also have to seek legal advice.
     Wives can also sponsor their husband and children can be sponsored by either parents subject to salary.

    As a lawyer I am always surprised that people visit a country and decide to work there without checking all the rules.

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