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Advice on Form 157A Point 81 (Previous visa Applications)

edited December 2013 in - Australia

Hello, I applied for Student visa more than 10 years ago which was refused. Now, my wife is applying for Student visa and I am applying as dependent. We are filling form 157A. Point 80 asks about the previous visa application of all applicants included in this application. I have given detail of my previous visa (Name, Type of visa and Application either invalid, withdrawn,refused, awaiting decision or granted: I checked Refused). But point no 81 describes "Have you or any other person included in this application, ever: 
been in Australia and not complied with visa conditions or departed Australia outside your authorised period of stay?
had an application for entry to Australia refused, or had a visa for Australia cancelled?​
I am just confused about second line of this question. Does an application for entry means applying for visa? My application was refused because I failed to meet general temporary entrance requirements. Should I tick yes to Question 81 or No? If yes, then should I give reasons of my visa refusal? Will this affect our application?


  • An application for entry is most definitely applying for a visa. You are correct tick yes and give reasons of refusal and yes  it may affect your current application, its down to the Australian immigration officer and current rules.

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