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Cheap travel insurance of elderly in EU?

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Hi guys.

I'm living in UK and planning to take my parents and aunt to Turkey to see some relatives. The problem is the three of them are around 70 now and not many agencies insure people of that age.

Do you maybe know any cheap insurance for UK elderly? 


  • Here are some UK travel insurers for the elderly.

    My parents both had medical conditions and have used Age UK travel insurance

    They also used Liverpool Victoria LV=  and Good to Go both in the above list. You do need to compare what each insurer offers.

    We  regularly visited Turkey and one visit my father needed medical treatment. We had no problem, with insurer Age UK and my father had excellent care. 

    My parents and I were going to our home in Turkey in 2010 when my father passed away in the UK aged 79 a few days before the holiday, I made a claim for money paid out for flights etc and LV= insurance were very helpful and paid the claim. 

    I hope this information has helped you.

  • Ageuk is fine, but still a little pricey I think. Globelink Travel Insurance helped me a lot when we had to claim. They are cheap, with low excess and cover A LOT of pre-existing medical conditions. Check them out, this may be exactly what you're looking for -
  • Thank you guys! I looked into your answers and checked some of other variants and conclusion is that almost every insurance for senior is expensive) But the one Foreigner23 offered - Globelink Travel Insurance has very reasonable prices for pensioners. I was surprised because I never heard of them) 
    So I'll go with this Globelink, wish me luck!
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    It is true that most of the insurance agency doesn't cover at old ages. But few of them provide insurance for elderly. When i was traveling with my father, he is 67 and we get health insurance coverage. So i think no need to worry about it. You will get insurance coverage. When ii was searching for health insurance form i father i got some effective information from here
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    Covomo isnt only good for information, but for a good insurance too!

    Everyone who considers to travel to Europe should check the offer of covomo. They offer cheap travel insurances, also for longer travels which is not very common. 
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