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Travel Advice-California?

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We're small city folks and are planning a trip for the summer. Need to head out to Palo Alto California and will be staying in Oakland for 3-4 days, then go to Orange County California for 5 days. There; will be the 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 children. We will be renting a car in both cities but have only 1 driver that can continuously drive 1-2 hours at a time. My questions: 

1. From Oakland to Orange County, should we travel by airplane? amtrack? greyhound? Cost and time does a play a role since both are very limited. About how much will it cost and how long will it take? how safe is it? Are there any other modes of transportation? 

2. What attractions/museums should we take our kids to? 

3. Any other advice? 



  • I would highly recommend driving from Oakland to Orange County. It's a stunningly beautiful drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, and can be broken up by stops at interesting places like Hearst Castle and Santa Barbara.

    Oakland itself isn't a major attraction, but is near enough to San Francisco that you can explore all the wonderful attractions there. I would recommend definitely visiting Muir Woods to see the giant redwoods, and having a meal in Chinatown.

    Orange County is also located just outside of Los Angeles, so there's plenty to see and do there. You can't miss Disneyland!
  • Yeah Anya K, Oakland is offers a wealth of
    different kinds of destinations to travelers. The Oakland zoo is just the right size.
    It has African animals large and small, Asian animals, reptiles, bats, bugs,
    and a myriad of other creatures. The animals appear to be kept well in their
    natural surroundings with plenty of room. I used to visit the Oakland Zoo
    before long time with my entire family. I believe time is the most precious
    thing so make it memorable for whole life. This is a fascinating place to take
    the kids and spend the day with them as well as showing them the animals.
    However, if you live nearby or if you haven't visited this place it's worth

  • We are a couple and are travelling to SFO on 23rd Aug (Sun) and reach there by early morning. Having spent a day there is to better to do a 5 days bus tour or do a self drive to Yosemite , LA, LV incl Hoover , Grand Canyon incl walks. What are the best possible things that we can do from 23/Aug (morn) ~ 31/Aug (even). Please someone suggest. If we go independently do you think it would be difficult or its easy as such to get hotel books and line up for choicest of destinations within the places mentioned.We have family relatives in SFO, San Ramon & San Jose too.
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    Oakland IS a major attraction. I would recommend spending some time there. Also, if you're planning to drive US 1 from SF to LA, be prepared for a 12-hour trip. I'd advise doing the trip in two days and staying the night along the way so you aren't rushing. Anya's right about breaking up the trip.

    Please be aware that the Greater LA area (not including Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties) is larger than the size of some small countries. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the US. You can't know LA because you've visited briefly for a day or two: that's the same as visiting Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland in two days. LA traffic is REALLY bad in the more touristy areas: take public transit whenever you can.

    Don't try to do too much in one go: trying to cram SF, Yosemite, LA, LV, and AZ (Grand Canyon) is WAY too much for one trip let alone five days. This advice may not help vinit225 who may have already been here, but I hope it helps others.

    You can absolutely miss Disneyland. Going to Disneyland (Orange County) will set you back $100 per person and it's VERY crowded especially in the summer. I don't think it's worth a visit, but that's just me. Avoid Hollywood/Highland.
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