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Threat of deportation

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while i was in canada for 4weeks holiday in 1977 i was expecting my first child who was born while i was there.I returned to the uk where i have been born and brought up my entire life with my baby and had no problem with my child having a canadian passport. my daughter is 37years old and has never left the uk since i brought her here. why has the immigration dept wrote and said she is not entitled to be in the uk ? i was not married at the time she was born but her father and i are on her birth certificate we were born in the uk .my daughter has been included in british family passports as a child a few times while we were on holiday in spain etc and also she has a 5year old child born in london what are we going to do i am awake night after night sick with worry as they are asking her to come in person she is so scared help us please


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    Hi Patricia,

    I am a British lawyer specialising in Immigration and Human Rights.

    Firstly, let me assure you that your daughter is not going to be removed from the UK and she certainly is not going to be deported as only criminals are deported under UK law. Also your daughter is a dual Canadian/British citizen.

    Something must have triggered the letter or did it come out of the blue from a firm called CAPITA (the name Capita is at the top of the letter) who want your daughter to contact them

    Can you also answer  these questions please,

    1..Why did you obtain a Canadian passport and not a British passport when your daughter was born.?
    2. Has your daughter never had a passport in her own name as an adult?

    .Would you you email me a copy of the letter to [email protected]

    I will read the letter and advise you how to rectify this matter free of charge.
  • Hi..
    i m pakistani working here in libya.can i get visit visa for canada
  • It depends what type of visa you want
  • Hi altea my brother before was deported in korea...ill invited him for an student visa but he work after 3 mons...but then his wife was working in canada but they are planning to apply for a permanent resident it ok if his wife will apply him a resident visa...or is the immigration of canada can trace him of overstaying in korea
  • You might want to speak with a professional as this is a serious manner rather than relying on the web for advice
  • @harin
    Your wife can apply for a visa for her husband to hoin her in Canada but it is highly likely that his deportation from Korea will surface. Firstly he will have a stamp in his passport from Korea relating to his deportation, secondly he will be required to disclose the fact he was deported from Korea on the Canadian application, if he does not disclose the fact and the Canadian immigration do their own research and discover the lie he will be refused a visa or deported from Canada.
  • @shiela82
    For your information, this forum has experts and professionals giving advice on this site.
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