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Trapped in sKorea

edited January 2014 in - South Korea
I arrived in sKorea by boat from Japan in October. I have been in six countries and been traveling since 2009. I am the only person in my family who tried really hard to save and get out traveling. I am the only person to make it out of our own country, which is Canada. My whole family and friends don't have spending money and live pay check to pay check. Everything was going fine. I was going to stay here to look for work as I was told it was easy to find work here once your here compared to Japan....but was that wrong information. I taught in Japan a whole lot easier than here.

So my bad luck started with slipping and falling, spraining my ankle and forced to continue working at my work for stay hostel. They didn't care about the pain I was in at all, living in a room that has black mold damage and their idea to fix it was wipe down the wallpaper ((which had bubbled under with more toxic mold under it)) and put up another sticky paper like wallpaper.I feel sick sleeping there and working 6 days a week...then to top that off the have the male workers in the nicer hostel branch which is warm and clean. The women have it bad. Then after drinking with people I slipped, fell in their bathroom into a glass divider and I was lucky to walk away with only minor cuts. AND to top all of that off, my passport and money in my travel pouch was stolen.

So all of my friends and family was contacted home by the embassy and of course, they was not able to send any kind of monetary help to get me home, and even though I could get kicked out of this job at any moment ((they hate me here)) and could be homeless in the winter here my government denied helping me with a ticket home and was advised to go to a shelter -- which is no where near me, no way to access WiFi to contact home and await my visa that would expire in another 3 months to get deported. They said contact us again if you need medical treatment or legal help. WTF!?

So I opened and fundraiser in hopes to get some donations out to help get me home. Also if anyone has ANY tips on how to get home please let me know, I am super stressed and scared.
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