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How do I find out if someone name is on scammer list

edited January 2014 in Africa
How do I find out if someone name is on scammers list, as they have already taken money from me.


  • I have been talking to Robbie Thomas in Nigeria.  Bismark White in Ghana or UK,  Jimmy Peyton in Dubai,  Thomas E. Montpas first in Dubai and now in UK.   I was wondering if all of these men are scammers as they all at one time or another have ask for help with me sending money, did not send and they got upset and used their children as excuses.
  • There is no 'master list' of spammers, but those three sound like typical con artists. Just keep to the golden rule of never sending money to people you haven't met.
  • It would be impossible to have list of scammers as their identities change so much.

    Anya is right., never, never send money to people you do not know. No matter what heart rending story they tell you DO NOT SEND MONEY.
  • Odd everything i am reading is of male scammers. In the last 45 days I have had two woman one from Ghana the other from Lagos try to scam me. I must say they get their facts well studied but I just live with one simple rule, I don't know you I can't help you. Oh these two women's screen names are [email protected] the other [email protected]
  • There are plenty of female scammers as well, although these tend to come from Eastern Europe rather than Nigeria for some reason.
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