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Rights of women in Tunisia

edited January 2014 in - Tunisia
Hi! I am a Canadian woman who is common law partnered with a Tunisian man. We have a son. He has a wife in Tunisia. He and I are thinking about moving to Tunisia because he loves his home and misses it. I want to support him but I am concerned about how I am going to be received by his family and in particular his wife because although he is permitted to have more than one wife we have not been able to get married under Canadian law. I want to support his wishes but if the situation over there goes badly between his family and I to the point where I cannot stay, can he stop me from taking our son (born in Canada) with me back to Canada? I don't know if he would but I don't want to walk into this blind. Any insight?


  • It has been illegal since 1956  Under the Tunisian Personal Code for Tunisian men to have more than one wife. So I do not know why your partner has told you he can have four wives. 

    Even if could have four wives which we know he can't his first wife must give permission for him to marry another woman. Why has your partner not divorced his Tunisian wife.? For you to be his wife he must divorce her. You will receive little or no respect as his girlfriend in Tunisia as you are committing adultery.

    You have not been able to marry in Canada as your partner is legally married in Tunisia. There are no religious marriages in Tunisia all marriages are carried out as civil marriages and registered just the same as civil marriages in Canada. Your husband would have to divorce his wife using a lawyer just the same as Canada

    Therefore if you went to Tunisia you would be your partners girlfriend NOT his wife.Your son is half Tunisian and therefore the minute he enters Tunisia he becomes a Tunisian national and cannot leave Tunisia without a Tunisian passport and his fathers a letter notarised at the Municipality office in the town where you live in Tunisia. 

    Also your son will be considered automatically to be a muslim.and custody laws favour the Tunisian father in as much as a Tunisian citizen should remain in Tunisia.

    Ask yourself this would you move to a different part of Canada and move in with your husbands wife and parents  and live with him as his girlfriend? 

    You are living with another womans husband, do you think his wife has no feelings?  You need to consider your safety and your sons. If you don't believe what I am saying you can ask here

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