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Lost SA passport but have british passport!

edited January 2014 in Africa
Hi all!! 
Hop sum1 can help me out! I recently lost my south african passport but still hav my id book! Im wanting to go back on holiday can i use my british and will i need a visa?? plzzz any help will be great!!


  • British passport holders do not need a visa to enter South Africa. So your troubles are over fly home and replace your SA passport.Have a nice holiday
  • The best thing you can do is apply for a replacement at the South African Embassy as soon as possible. When you travel, you can use your British passport, but carry with you a copy of:

    1. A police report stating your passport was lost.
    2. Your application for a new passport
    3. A copy of your SA passport, if you have it.

    You'd probably be fine with just your British passport, but in my experience it pays to have all the paperwork with you when dealing with SA immigration!
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