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Scam or not?

edited January 2014 in - West Africa
Please help.
I have met a handsome man on POF. He approached me first. He tells me he is from NY and native from Norway. His daughter lives with his Mom in Manhattan. His daughters mom died in car accident 3 years ago his father passed 4 years ago is what brought him to the states.
He states he is an engineer to finish contract in Feb. in Nigeria. He tells he has fallen in love. Has sent pictures a few different ones of himself snd also with his daughter. Has not asked me for anything except that he wants to marry me and buy our family a home where ever I want. He goes by the name of Mike Twits. Please help if you can.


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    Mike Twits, what a ridiculous name. You are obviously not English, Australian, Irish or a New Zealander.
    The word TWIT /TWITS in English mean this
    This is a made up name! There is no such name in Norwegian

    He is also lying to you. Norwegians have a high standard of living but cannot move permanently to the USA without visas and a green card which is not easy to obtain. Why give up a good life in Norway to move to the USA and then work in Nigeria. If it does not make sense then its not true.
    Can this man speak Norwegian? Or does he have a heavy accent when he speaks English? 
    I am sure he fell in love with you very quickly. Run away quickly this man is an obvious scammer.

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