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Serbia in a motorhome

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We're going to Serbia in our motorhome but need to know how to get the insurance for it to cover us in Serbia. We have cover for Europe but as Serbia is not in EU we cant find anyone in England to cover us to drive in Serbia. What do we need to do to get an Insurance cover for our Motorhome to drive in Serbia?


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    When you arrive at the Border, you must show your conventional 'green card' and you will then be asked to go to one of the several Insurance Agency 'booths' nearby to buy a Balkanised green card. You can be insured just for Serbia but I think the cost is the same if you include all the former Yugoslavia countries. Last time I did this, it cost about Eur130 for one month of cover - it's probably more now...
    Whatever you choose, check the cost of your card in ALL of the 'agencies' - and don't accept the first quote you're given. next door may be much cheaper!

    Once you've bought your new GC, you must present it to the policeman who'll have kept all your other documents until you produce your insurance.

    Then, hopefully, you'll be free to come into and enjoy our little country.
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    Is The Green Card still needed to drive in Serbia?
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