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I love to visit china. But I don't know about china. Can anyone tell me which China town is comfortable for me? I think Beijing is comfortable and beautiful?


  • Hi Salmanize,
    It depends what you are looking for! China is vast and there are many possible destinations. Are you hoping to go on holiday? And if so, what kind of holiday activities do you enjoy? Beijing has many many sightseeing attractions but it is a huge city and only appeals to those who enjoy the crowds and size of it all.
  • You can browse this China guide for ideas as well:-)
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    There are many destination: kingly dragon hanging on a huge imperial
    necklace, the Great Wall, the spectacular landmark which winds 5500
    miles across the country from east to west. The mighty Yangtze and
    Yellow Rivers nourishing the vast land outline the exquisite royal
    patterns. The Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and many other famous
    sites are the shining decorative pearls.
  • Beijing is too crowded, I suggest you find a more comfortable city if you're looking for a place to have a great journey,such as Chengdu,Yunnan,Lijiang and etc.
  • Xian, is the most comfortable and various tourist attractions city of China. Xian is famous for the well-known Terracotta Warriors of Qin Dynasty
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    If this will be your first trip to China, i 'd like to suggest you visit Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an. Shanghai represents the future of China; Beijing represents present of China and Xi'an represents the past of China.
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