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Travel season for canada

edited January 2014 in - Canada
This season best for visit to Canada?


  • Hi there,

    It depends what you'd like to do! Canada has very distinctive seasons, so there's always something different depending on what time of year you visit. I'd say the best time is June or September, the weather is beautiful and the crowds a little smaller than at the peak. Here's a great travel guide for Canada to give you a better idea of your options.
  • I'm not sure where you're from, but if you can stand the cold Canada is a wonderland in winter. The skiing and other snow sports are phenomenal and the country is really magical when it is all icy and blanketed in white - particularly if you haven't experienced that sort of climate before. Having said that, autumn is the most beautiful season, because of the rich colours. The season to avoid is actually spring, because the snow melt makes things look rather ugly for a few weeks and the bugs are terrible! Summer is hot and lovely.
  • This cross-country train adventure across Canada begins in Toronto, ends
    in Vancouver,
    includes beautiful scenery and fun-filled activities in Cosmopolitan Toronto, the largest city in Canada,
  • If you want to travel across a large swath of Canada, you need to think
    about the weather in a variety of Canadian destinations and try to
    coordinate them in such a way that you are likely to encounter pleasant
    conditions at each stop.The summer months of July and August are best for camping and for visiting the Far North.
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