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Maybe you have heard that Colombia is a dangerous country, and yes! It has dangerous parts, as all places in the world! If you go to rich people places you will see it's not dangerous! Colombia like 25 years a go had a lot of drugs, but you should think something, this you know the 70% of cocaine in the world comes from Colombia, but it's one of the countries were not to much people cosumes cocaine, what happens? Americans (I'm a American living in Colombia) say: they are guilty because they sell their drugs to us, and Colombians will say: they are guilty because they buy it. You know what's the correct answer? We are both guilty! Americans! We are being really mean! If you come to a poor neighbor in Colombia you won't see a little house, you will see houses made of trash, people dying because they don't have nothing to eat! Nothing, and I mean, if you go to that house you will find a 15 year old girl with 4 children, and Colombians are guilty too! Because a lot of them (I'm not saying Colombians are bad people, actually they are really nice) don't respect their own city!. But there is a city in Colombia called Medellin, we're you will find the most beautiful women's and this city is a valley! With awesome mountains that surround the beautiful and modern city, here, people love their city, you won't see trash in the floor, and you know what? It was the most dangerous city 25 years ago, and know is one of the most safest cities in all southamerica, other thing is that we Americans think that South America is just jungle, some people asked me if there's cars, and some people say: Colombians are stupid because they life in a jungle, I think we! Are stupid. Southamerica has a lot of very important and modern cities in the world, there's millionaire people as there is poor people too, but it's not a jungle, I recommend you Colombia a lot, Bogota and Medellin, as cities and the Eje cafetero that is a natural tropical park that has the most delicious coffe in the world, SAN ANDRES ISLAND is a island with one of the most beautiful sea of the world, BARICHARA is the most beautiful old town in Colombia, is a town full of gourmet Colombian food and artisans. The chicamocha park in Santander. Ok so this is all I had to say and the other think is, don't even think to go to Venezuela, that's the real dangerous country


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