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Hi,l am a holder of Nigerian passport and will like to invite my parents to visit

edited January 2014 in Africa
Will like to know how much fund do l need in my account in order to invite my mum to visit . She was here before fee years ago and did not overstay.amd how long do l need the fund to be in my account as her sponsor?


  • I assume you are in the United Kingdom. If your mother has been to the UK as a visitor before,
     then she should know the procedure. 
    You should not be on benefits you should be working and have sufficient funds to support your mother . For example if you are paying her air fare you need the air fare money plus about £100 per week to maintain her during her stay.You must also have suitable accommodation and not be overcrowded.

    More than this and the most important of all your mother needs to show that she has strong connections to Nigeria,and will return at the end of her holiday. If she cannot show she has family,or work or other commitments in Nigeria her visa maybe refused.
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