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What does 68-(1) means being stamp on my Passport?

edited January 2014 in - South Korea
I voluntary surrender in immigration when I go back home here in the Philippines..


  • what immigration told you
  • Rhenz I am assuming you over stayed your visa in South Korea. The 68- (1) stamp is a Korean Order of Departure.

    This Order of Departure will make it very difficult for you to return to South Korea but it should have no impact whatsoever when you return to your home in the Philippines.
  • I alsi surrender last year and I was told I need to wait one year if I want come back in south korea now I m palning to go there for business visa 
     They have stamped on my 362 what does it mean if I get visa m I eligible to make entry in south korea
  • I overstayed in s.korea aswell they stamp mine as (48)-1 what's that supposed to mean?
  • I'm planning to get a tourist visa in i have to tick deported even if I'm using a new passport and the stamp of.getting deported is in my old passport...and it was 6 yrs ago now.
    Please help!!!
  • You have to be very honest when filling out any immigration forms. If you do not admit you were deported the Australian database will flag it up and you be accused of trying to hide your past which will go against you.
  • i have two year over stay in south korea they stamped 68-1 on my passport .may i go there how many year after please tell me
  • No one can answer that question. All you can do is contact the Consulate directly and ask them, or apply for another Visa and see what happens.

    Just to warn you though... a 2 year overstay is very bad and Korean Immigration does not treat such illegality lightly.

    Good luck.
  • 68-1 is the South Korean immigration rule under which you were deported.
    You can be banned for up to 10 years under this section. As Terry said you wont know the length of your ban or if you can have another visa until you apply directly to South Korean immigration.
  • My name is Ali please guide me I have also over stayed in s Korea (68)-1 stamp on my passport last week I apply for tourist visa and embassy gives me visa so pls tell me re entry possible or not I am very confused I have overstay in Korea 2 year 6 month pls guidance me
  • @Sumayya
    I am surprised you were granted a visa as there should be a 68 -1 stamp in your passport which means your banned from South Korea.
    The border immigration officers at the airport are very strict and the decision to let you enter South Korea lies with them, no one else can answer your question.
  • hi
    i voluntary surrender in immigration of South Korea, over stayed for 3months and had that 68-1 stamp in my passport. does it mean i am banned too even if over stayed only for 3months?
    thank you.
  • @ellis
    68-1 is an Order of Departure from South Korea.A person with a 68-1 order will not be granted an EPS visa and will only be allowed to return to South Korea in any other capacity at the discretion of South Korean Immigration.
    So yes you are banned for at least 2 years and after that any visa application you make may be refused.
    You say you overstayed by "only 3 months"you dont seem to understand that overstaying in any country after your visa has finished is a criminal offence which South Korea takes very seriously. Maybe next time you will stick to the law.
  • surrender in airport immigration of South Korea, over stayed for 1months and had that 68-1 stamp in my passport. 2 year finish next try eps? Please answer
  • How to re entry system korea
  • @220
    You make a visa application at the South Korean embassy in your country. Please be advised that with a 68-1 on your immigration record you will not be granted an EPS.
  • Businesses visa?
  • @220
    You need to apy for a visa. Only then will you know if you are able to return to Korea
  • Thanks
  • Earlier this year, the Immigration Office announced a “no entry-ban” on overstaying foreigners who would voluntarily leave Korea until the end of the year.

    Exemption from a re-entry ban for voluntary departure

    ❑ Duration : 2016. 4. 1. ~ 9. 30. (6 months) – EXTENDED to December 31st
    ❑ Place : Immigration offices at all ports of entry
    ❑ Benefits for voluntary departure
    ❍ Exemption from the re-entry bans which were imposed due to the period of overstaying.
    ※ Previously, there was an exclusion period for up to 2 years depending on the length of overstaying
    ❍ Exemption from the penalty for illegal migrants and their employers.
    ❍ Leaving the country freely without detention.
    ❍ Entering the ROK after receiving the re-entry visa from the diplomatic mission abroad.

    â–¸ If you were deported as you were caught by the authorities, you would be banned from returning for up to 5 years regardless of the period of overstaying.
    â–¸ There would be enhanced criminal penalty including accusation, etc., and increased fines would be imposed as well.

    ❑ Procedure for voluntary departure
    ❍ If you choose to return to your home country voluntarily, you should come with a flight ticket and valid passport or travel document and report your voluntary return status to immigration offices at all ports of entry on your departure date.
    ※ If you entered this country using a forged passport or any other abnormal ways, there will be more time needed for verification of identity. In these cases, you should contact and visit Immigration offices at ports of entry at least 3 days in advance of your departure date.
    ❑ Contact details
    ❍ If you have any further inquiries, please contact the Immigration Contact Centre(☎ 1345) or Immigration offices at ports of entry.
    – Incheon Airport : ☎ 032-740-7391~2 – Gimhae : ☎ 051-979-1300
  • What is this?
  • @220
    What do you mean "what is this"
    These are South Korean immigratiion rules pertaining to 68-1 voluntary departure.
    I repeat you will not know if your eligibk]le until you apply for a visa. We are not South Korean immigration officers.
  • Hi I also have the 68-1 stamp on my passport, can I use the same passport to travel to Ireland without any problems?
  • @kamo
    I you require a visa for Ireland then you will be asked if you have been deported from any country. Yes you can use the same passport.
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