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travelling to uk on sa passport

edited January 2014 in - South Africa
Hi, I hope someone can help, my dad is british born, and I do have a british passport but it has expired and needded to be renewed, I have sent it in but not sure if it will be ready in time and I am flying to the uk very soon, will I be able to travel on my sa passport and enter on my sa passport, I was told I won't be able to a visa ue to the fact that I have a british passport? What do I do? I read on that I can provide sufficent documents to determine my purpose for my stay, I am just going to visit my dad? Any help will be appreciated. -shannon


  • edited January 2014
    Why not change your flight until you receive your British passport. Why make life complicated by applying for a visit visa.
    If you travel on your South African passport you will need to apply to the British High Commission in South Africa via one of the VFS visa centres.
    I dont know who told you that you cant apply for a visa if your British is incorrect, if you choose to travel on a South African passport it can take up to 15 working days to process a visit visa and there is no guarantee the visa will be granted.
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