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HK girl marrying in UK

edited January 2014 in - Hong Kong
My UK son, currently living in HK and with UK passport, wants to marry his HK fiancee over here in UK.  The UKBA, which we have studied in great depth, seems to suggest that his fiancee needs a visa to register the intent to marry in the UK, followed by another one to actually marry when they intend to the following year.  Within the same set of guidelines the UKBA seems to state that she does not need a visa.  All other requisites for getting married are understood and correct, and they want to return to HK after the wedding.
Does she need a visa at all, given that she wouldn't normally require one at all to visit UK?


  • Hong Kong citizens DO NOT require a visa to enter the UK and will be granted a six months tourist visa at the airport.
    However if a Hong Kong citizen wants to marry in the UK  then they require a visa as a marriage visitor and must complete VAF1F usually on line. The visa costs £80.
    The VAF1F visa application only allows the person to marry in the UK it gives them no right of residence in the UK.

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