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Mosquitoes on the Meditteranean coast in Turkey - When to go to avoid them

edited January 2014 in - Turkey
When is a good time to go the south west Turkish Mediterranean coast to avoid mosquitoes but when the weather is still relatively warm?


  • Mosquitos are around from April to November but to be honest in all the years I lived in Turkey we never had a mossie problem.  We had a home in Mahmutlar  ( south of Alanya on the Mediterranean) some years ago, even before roads and the block paved pavements were built  and had no concerns about mossies. They tend to gather by standing water. There has never been a case of malaria reported in south west Turkey.

     Most Turkish municipalities (Belediye in Turkish) spray regularly down drains and around areas where mossies gather, the workmen look like Ghostbusters with their coveralls , containers on their backs and hand held hoses.

    We always had our windows open in summer and the only member of our family who has ever been bitten was my father but that we think was when he and my mother went for their evening stroll.

    Having a plug in repellant in your room is a very good idea. the Turkish pharmacies (eczane) sell OFF spray and Siltex gel which are very good products. Turkish pharmacies are very helpful. SinKov repellant is available in shops and pharmacies. These are not expensive products.

    Avon Skin so Soft products keeps them at bay a friend of mine swears by it. Apparently Marmite works, consumed not spread on your skin !!

    You don't say what area you are going to but wherever it is I am sure you will have a lovely holiday.

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