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requirements needed to move to croatia

edited January 2014 in Visa and Passport
i am a south african i am engaged to a croatian citizen what is needed for my child and me to be able to move to croatia with my fiance?I am worried that once we  get married we will find it difficult for us to move to croatia exspecaily since my child is not his child,i am getting married for love but unfortunetly
we live in different countries,he has a problem everytime getting his visa to south africa for a holiday if it is so difficult for a holiday visa that makes me think it will be more difficult to move to croatia after the wedding.


  • Once you marry it is easier for you to move to Croatia which became a member of the European Union in July 2013.

    A third-country national, in this case a South African, who is married to a Croatian national and plans to stay in Croatia longer than three months is obliged to submit no later than eight days before the three-month period is over an application for a residence card of a family member of EU citizen, which proves the right of temporary residence.

    The Act states that the family member shall be issued a residence card if he/she:

    1. has a valid passport,
    2. encloses documents proving that they are a family member,
    3. does not pose a threat to public order or national security,
    4. is not banned from entering and staying in Croatia.

    Biometric residence card is valid for up to five years. 

    Your daughter is your dependent and you include her in the application and she will automatically receive the same visa as you. 

    To enter Croatia you and your daughter need to apply for a Schengen visa, which allows you to enter Croatia for 90 days.

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