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Living in Tunisia permanently

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I am considering moving to Tunisia. Is this possible to stay there permanently? I am US citizen. I am single Muslim female. I am an older woman. I have a small monthly income that I would continue to have there. What problems might I have? Would I be able to buy house there or would I have to rent? Where do I ask permission to live there? Please, any information would be helpful. I wish to move in 2 years.


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    As an American you would be granted a  four month visa at the airport, initially you should rent  until you find a suitable property to buy. Foreigners can purchase property and I am sure the US Embassy see guide below can suggest a suitable lawyer or real estate agent

    Within three months you must apply for  a Tunisian residence permit known as a Carte Sejour you will need to show an income of  approximately $650 per month / $8000 per annum which must be demonstrated by a letter from a Tunisian Bank. So you will need to open a Tunisian Bank account and deposit some funds

    As evidence that you are living in Tunisia , you must also provide your rental contract. You would then receive a one year residence permit which is extended for longer after the first year. Retiring to Tunisia is quite a simple process as retired persons are most welcome.

    You apply for your Carte Sejour at the police station nearest to your residence More information here

    Here is also a very helpful brochure from the US Embassy, it has tonnes of information. Good luck

  • Thank you for this information!

    May Allah bless your works
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