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Living in Tunisia permanently

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I am considering moving to Tunisia. Is this possible to stay there permanently? I am US citizen. I am single Muslim female. I am an older woman. I have a small monthly income that I would continue to have there. What problems might I have? Would I be able to buy house there or would I have to rent? Where do I ask permission to live there? Please, any information would be helpful. I wish to move in 2 years.


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    As an American you would be granted a  four month visa at the airport, initially you should rent  until you find a suitable property to buy. Foreigners can purchase property and I am sure the US Embassy see guide below can suggest a suitable lawyer or real estate agent

    Within three months you must apply for  a Tunisian residence permit known as a Carte Sejour you will need to show an income of  approximately $650 per month / $8000 per annum which must be demonstrated by a letter from a Tunisian Bank. So you will need to open a Tunisian Bank account and deposit some funds

    As evidence that you are living in Tunisia , you must also provide your rental contract. You would then receive a one year residence permit which is extended for longer after the first year. Retiring to Tunisia is quite a simple process as retired persons are most welcome.

    You apply for your Carte Sejour at the police station nearest to your residence More information here

    Here is also a very helpful brochure from the US Embassy, it has tonnes of information. Good luck

  • Thank you for this information!

    May Allah bless your works
  • hello
    i wonder if anyone knows if it is possible to get the permanent residency without a monthly income but with an initial amount in the bank as i am 56 and not eligible for ss.
    thank you so much
  • @johnlandis
    You can show a lump sum in your bank account. I am not sure of the required amount you will need
    The best thing to do is check with your local police station as requirements tend to vary in Tunisia. There does not seem to be a hard and fast rule.
    Lesley our Tunisian expert will hopefully be along and provide some more advice.
  • @johnlandis - you don't need a monthly income but you must bring into the country an amount equivalent to tnd10,000 annually. You also need to prove that you can support yourself as there are no facilities for 'welfare' for foreigners.
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