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Cruise to Mexico/Jamaica

edited February 2014 in - Mexico

My wife and I hold Indian passports with US visa. Our passports are expiring in 9-10 yrs from now and our US visas are valid for more than a year from now. We have bought cruises to Mexico & Jamaica after checking from the consular sections of the respective embassies that we wouldnt need a visa to visit Mex & Jam. I wanted to know if the nationality of the ship has any bearing on the visa norms. I booked in Norwegian and when i was going thru their website i was a bit confused as they spelled out specific visa requirements based on the ships they had. This cruise we are taking are not visiting the Schengen nations. But since the ship is Norwegian, do we need to get Schengen visas?



  • I doubt very much that you need a Schengen visa to board a Norwegian cruise liner. Its the countries you visit that normally require visas. I suggest you contact the cruise line if you have any concerns.

  • Thanks very much Alethia.
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